Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Extra Cash When You Need It.

Life isn't always predictable. Sometimes you might need fast cash for an unanticipated expense, or a little help with your cashflow. For those times, we offer personal installment loans at attractive rates and convenient fixed monthly payments.

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Whatever your situation, we have a loan for you -- at competitive, flexible rates that work with your lifestyle and financial needs.

Personal Installment Loan

A Personal Loan is unsecured with no collateral required and offers a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payment amount.

Personal Line of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit is an unsecured credit line with a variable rate. Members can

access their Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) through online banking, EZ Access and in-branch.

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You can apply online, or by calling one of our friendly member service representatives at (916) 444-6070. Or visit a local SCU branch office near you.