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Online Banking

Online Banking at its Finest and it's FREE!

SCU proudly offers you the benefits of anytime/anywhere banking with Online Banking, our convenient, easy-to-use online banking service. With Online Banking, you get virtually 24-hour access to your accounts, giving you information and control at your fingertips to help you manage your money. Equipped with only a personal computer and a modem, you'll get the same account information currently offered through SCU's EZ-Access automated phone system.

With Online Banking, you'll never have to wait for your monthly statement again - you can access your checking account anytime of the month. And you'll always have the most current information directly from our computer system, keeping you up to date and on track with your finances.

Easy to Use

Online Banking features numerous Help windows designed to guide you through the system so you can find the information you want when you need it. It will also guide you through the online transaction process, so you can easily make account transfers, place a stop payment on a check, or request a withdrawal from your account to be mailed to you.

Safe and Secure

The combination of your unique EZ Access Personal Identification Number (PIN) and SCU's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensures that your account information and any transactions are protected with the highest degree of confidentiality. No one gets to see your private information but you!


See our Online Banking FAQ's for details about other benefits and specific system requirements.

Pay Your Bills Online, Too!

The BillPay Feature of Online Banking allows you to pay your bills online at anytime! No more checks to write, envelopes to stuff, or stamps to buy. The BillPay Feature gives you the convenience of paying bills from your credit union account 24 hours a day. All you need is a computer with Internet access.

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Protection Plus

This layer of security, our multi-factor authentication login procedure, utilizes a series of customized questions which only you have the answers. With Protection Plus, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your online accounts. Click on Protection Plus now for details.

Enroll in Protection Plus.

Personal Financial Manager

SCU enables you to download your online account information to your personal finance software, such as Quicken or Microsoft Money. This handy interface will download your account information in minutes saving you the time it would take to input all that information. Click on PFM now for details.

Sign-Up Now!

Sign-Up Now! Start enjoying the ease and convenience of online banking with SCU! If you need any help to sign-up, contact one of our friendly member service representatives at (916) 444-6070 or toll-free (888) SACTO-01 (888-722-8601). Or visit a local SCU branch office near you.