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e-Statements, e-Alerts and e-Notices

Get your account statements in a secure and convenient way with e-Statements, and with e-Alerts you can always be in touch with your accounts. e-Notices are electronic copies of a traditionally mailed notices that are available in a matter of hours, rather than waiting days for mail delivery.


Enjoy the convenience of SCU's e-Statements. View and download your account statements and cancelled checks anytime from anywhere. It's fast, convenient and FREE! You'll be notified by email your e-Statement is ready days before you would get a paper statement in the mail. Eliminate the hassle and clutter of handling paper statements by viewing and archiving your statement on your computer for quick reference!

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SCU e-Alerts

SCU's e-Alerts allow you to stay informed about specific activities on your account via email notifications. Even better, you get to decide which transaction types are most important to you!

Alert types include:

• Payroll/ACH Credits

• Deposit Account Balance

• Loan Account Balance

• Loan Payment Due

• Certificate Maturing

• Checks Cleared

• Share Draft/ACH – Insufficient Funds

• Automatic Withdrawals

• Electronic Transactions from Share Savings

• Debit/Credit Card Transactions

Simply sign in to Online Banking and click on the "e-Statements e-Alerts" tab to get started today. It's free and easy!

Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa Purchase Alerts allow you to receive free email notifications on qualified visa transactions that meet your defined parameters whenever your SCU Visa debit or credit card is used.

Triggers include:

• Purchase Amount Thresholds

• International Transactions

• Telephone and Internet Transactions

Don't wait, visit the Visa website, register your email address and choose the notification triggers that match your needs.


e-Notice is the newest e-Statements feature, designed to save time and money and give peace of mind. As an e-Statements subscriber, member is automatically enrolled in e-Notices, and start receiving certain credit union notices and letters regarding important account activity online. e-Notices will be made available in a matter of hours, rather than waiting days for mail delivery. To protect account information, an e-mail from the credit union will be send directing members online, to view the notice through a secure format. And, by reducing paper correspondence, e-Notices help our environment.

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