e-Notices FAQs

1. What is an e-Notice?

  • An e-Notice is an electronic copy of a traditionally mailed notice such as NSF, courtesy pay, or notice of hold.

2. Who will receive e-Notices?

  • Members who are enrolled in e-Statements.

3. How will I know if I have an e-Notice?

  • An email will be sent to your email address notifying you of the availability to view the notice online.

4. Will all notices be provided as e-Notices?

  • Only certain type of notices will be delivered via e-Notices, and the rest will continue to be delivered via regular USPS mail. Over time we will be adding more notices to our e-Notices program.

5. How long will my e-Notices be available in e-Statements?

  • You will have access to last 50 e-Notices.

6. Will details of the notice be included in the email?

  • No. To protect account information, an e-mail from the credit union will be send directing members online, to view the notice through a secure format.

7. What if I do not currently have e-Statements or if I cancel e-Statements?

  • Members who are not currently enrolled in e-Statements will continue to receive paper notices in the mail. If a member decides to cancel e-Statements, statements and notices will be provided via regular mail.