Protection Plus FAQs

  • What is Protection Plus?
    Protection Plus is a part of multi-factor login procedure for Online Banking.

    This service works three fold: 1) It protects your identity; 2) It protects your financial information; and, 3) We meet the federal government's Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) requirements.

  • How does login process works?
    Sacramento Credit Union has made a commitment to our members that access to their financial information is safe and secure.

    The following explains what you can expect. If you have any questions please contact us at (916) 444-6070.

    The login process:

    1. Logging in is a multiple step/screen process instead of entering your Member Number and password on one screen. You will now enter your Member Number.
    2. The next screen will prompt you to enter the answer to one of three "challenge questions" entered, by you, during enrollment. The answers to your Security Questions are not case sensitive.
    3. The last screen will prompt you to enter your Password and verify the Security Image that you created during enrollment.

    Step 1: Enter Member Number or User Name.

    Step 2: Answer the Security Question. The answers to your Security Questions are not case sensitive.

    Step 3: Verify that your Personal Phrase is correct and enter your current Online Banking password. In the future, if you would like to bypass Step #2 (Security Question), select the button, "Register this computer ."

  • What is my Security Image?
    The Security Image is used so you can identify SCU's Online Banking, as a legitimate site for Sacramento Credit Union. The text word or phrase you select will be converted to an image. You cannot use more than 20 characters and you cannot use symbols or special characters. When you log into OnlineBanking you will see the Security Image with a watermark logo behind it.

    Important Tip:
    Please do not enter your Password as your Security Image.

  • Why are the Security Questions used?
    The first time you login and enroll in Protection Plus, you will be asked to enter three Security Questions and corresponding answers. The Security Questions are used if you do not want to register the computer you are currently using. With the Security Questions, we can make sure it is you logging in when you use different computers, such as, a internet bar computer.

  • What does "Register This Computer" mean?
    If you choose to register your computer, our system uses information about that computer's hardware and software to recognize it when you login the next time. Therefore, you will not be prompted to answer one of the three Security Questions you set up during enrollment if you register your computer. You will still have to enter your Member Number and password. You can register your computer after you have completed the initial enrollment.

    Important Tip:
    If you delete your cookies on your PC, you will have to re-register the computer.

  • What does "Do Not Register This Computer" mean?
    If you are using a computer that is accessed by numerous users (i.e. library or internet bars) we recommend that you do not register those computers. We only recommend you register your personal computer at home or at work.

  • Can I register on another computer?
    Yes. You can register your account on more than one computer.

  • Can my spouse, children, and I register on the same computer?
    Yes. You can register numerous accounts on the same computer. This will bypass the Security Questions when you log in.

  • Do I have to re-register my computer when I delete my cookies?
    Yes. The system uses your computer hardware and software information to recognize you as a legitimate user. If you delete your cookies, the information is no longer available to authenticate your login. You will be prompted to answer one of your Security Questions. Remember, the answers to your Security Questions are case sensitive.

  • Why do I have to register again when I use a separate browse, on the same computer, when logging on to Online Banking?
    When you register your account on a certain computer it stores software and hardware information used to log on to Online Banking. The system stores information, such as, your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox) and operating system (Windows XP, 2000, Macintosh). If you try and login to Online Access with new information, such as, a new browser, you will be requested to register the new system information.

  • What if I forget my password or the answers to my Security Questions and I am locked out of Online Banking?
    Please call us at (916) 444-6070 and we can reset your information.

  • How do I change my Online Banking password?
    If you are NOT locked out of Online Banking, log in and click the More Features button. Then click the Change Password button and enter your current Online Banking password followed by your new password. You will be asked to confirm your new password.

  • Can I change my Security Questions and/or my Security Image?
    Yes. Log into Online Banking and click the More Options button. A new button has been created called "Protection Plus Settings". Click that button to edit your Security Questions or Security Image.