Get your statements quicker and more securely

Going paperless with e-Statements delivers plenty of benefits. You cut down on paper waste and clutter, which is good for the environment and your tidy home. And your sensitive financial information is delivered securely through Online Banking, which reduces the risk of fraud compared to traveling through the mail stream.

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Your Sacramento Credit Union (SCU) e-Statements are convenient and free to receive. They arrive sooner than by regular mail, and you'll receive an email to let you know when they're ready to view. And receive other important account information through e-Alerts and e-Notices.
  • Includes statements and cancelled checks
  • Print statements whenever necessary
  • Archives store prior e-Statements going back 18 months
  • With e-Alerts you can customize what activity triggers an alert
  • e-Notices provide you an electronic copy of a traditionally mailed notice such as NSF, courtesy pay or notice of hold