TPMG Share Loans

Affordable, convenient financing options for Kaiser doctors.
Serving TPMG/Kaiser since 1966.

Sacramento Credit Union offers a highly competitive rate, simple online application process and quick closing to get you the funds you need.

Accept your pre-approved TPMG Share Loan in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select a loan type below (fixed or variable rate)
  2. Input a loan amount and term
  3. Once documents are signed electronically, we will wire the funds directly to TPMG
Term Rate*
Senior Purchase
2 Year Fixed 2.59%
5 Year Fixed 2.99%
8 Year Fixed 3.19%
10 Year Fixed 3.39%
10 Year Variable** 3.19%
C Shares
Add-on to existing share loan No change in rate or maturity date
5 Year Fixed 2.99%
10 Year Fixed 3.39%

* Rates effective for July 2020 purchase period.
**The 10 year variable rate loan will adjust to Prime Rate plus 0.75%, with a 3% floor after the fifth year.