Check Ordering

Sacramento Credit Union

Sacramento Logo1 SceneView$23.84/box
  • Free Rewards Checking - First Box Free
  • Free Interest Checking - First Box Free Per Order
  • Free Super Interest Checking - First Box Free Per Order

Nature & Science

American Treasures4 ScenesView$38.05/box
Coastal Views4 ScenesView$38.05/box
Island Breezes4 ScenesView$25.10/box
Sea Treasures4 ScenesView$27.80/box


Ocean Beauty*4 ScenesView$38.05/box
Playful Pals4 ScenesView$25.10/box
Humane Society4 ScenesView$38.05/box

Art & Culture

Eastern Expressions4 ScenesView$27.80/box
World Traveller4 ScenesView$27.80/box
Messengers of the Heart*4 ScenesView$38.05/box

Patriotic & Inspirational

Hope & Courage*1 SceneView$38.05/box
Heroes4 ScenesView$25.10/box
Thomas Kinkade4 ScenesView$38.05/box

Fun & Frivolous

Pampered Girls4 ScenesView$38.05/box
Snoopy4 ScenesView$38.05/box
Precious Moments4 ScenesView$38.05/box


Springtime1 SceneView$27.80/box
Eloquent4 ScenesView$27.80/box
Colonial Classic (free Initial or Accent)1 SceneView$25.10/box
Jeweled Elegance (free Initial or Accent)2 ScenesView$27.80/box

* These checks give a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations.

Each box of Sacramento Credit Union Logo checks and all other styles include 120 duplicate checks with a standard cover and register. Price includes shipping, handling and all taxes.

** Non-standard shipping, lettering, logos, symbols, monograms, or OneLiners, may be an additional cost.