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Rates effective as of August 14, 2018.

Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends Dividend Rate APY*
Free Rewards Checking
N/A 0.01% 0.01%
Up to $10,000 2.25% Requirements Met 2.27%
$10,000.01+ .25%1 Requirements Met .25%
Free Interest Checking
N/A 0.01% w/ Direct Deposit or Age 55+ 0.01%

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

1 The annual percentage yield for this tier ranged from 2.17% to 0.455% depending on the balance of your account. The annual percentage yield range assumes a minimum balance of 10,000.01 and a maximum balance of $100,000.

Dividend Rate and APY may change anytime as determined by the credit unions board of directors.

Dividends are compounded and credited monthly. Fees may reduce earnings.